CQuan Cleaner needs some of the necessary permissions to better serve. Includes network, cleanup related basic permissions. Some of these permissions are described below, if in doubt, please contact us.



  External read and write permissions are the basic permissions required by CQuan Cleaner, such as junk scan cleanup and photo intelligent management. Only when it is turned on, CQuan Cleaner can run normally.


  Android 5.0 or above, using the application lock function, or Android 8.0 or higher system, when using mobile phone booster, battery saver and other functions, you need to open the view usage permission, in order to obtain the power consumption application data running in the background, provide the corresponding function service.


  Easy to set permissions, pop-up boot settings animation floating window, easy to use


Data collection

  CQuan Cleaner collects data related to product usage, including product version, feature status, basic data that can identify device attributes, etc. It only collects product-related data and does not collect any private data from users.

Use of data

  Based on the collected product data, we will continue to analyze the shortage of products, solve the tracking errors, improve the founding deficiencies, and continuously improve the optimized products.

Policy update

  We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter this Policy at any time. You can always check the latest version of our Privacy Policy on the Application.You can read this policy regularly to keep you informed of any changes. If you do not agree with any changes to this policy, you can immediately stop all use of the application.If you continue to use any application after the Policy is modified, you are accepting the revised Policy.Please note that none of our employees or agents has the authority to vary any of our Policies.

Contact Us

  If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our application, you can contact:

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为了更好得提供服务,和保证软件的基本运行,CQuan Cleaner需要一些基本必备权限,其中包括网络、清理相关权限等。相关权限的说明如下:




  这是垃圾扫描清理、图片管理等功能正常运行的必备基本权限,只有开启,CQuan Cleaner才可以正常工作。


  Android 5.0以上系统,使用应用锁,或Android 8.0以上系统,使用手机加速、超级省电等功能时,需要开启查看使用情况权限。CQuan Cleaner才可以正常工作,提供对应的功能服务。





  CQuan Cleaner只收集产品使用相关的数据,包括产品版本、功能状态、可以标识设备属性等的基本数据,不会收集任何隐私数据。






  如果您对本隐私政策,我们的应用程序有任何疑问,可以通过 与我们取得联系。